THE WIZARD DK - DragonTales Of Denmark 48 (Nibiru Endless Prophecy)

    THE WIZARD DK - DragonTales Of Denmark 48 (Nibiru Endless Prophecy) by THE WIZARD DK
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THE WIZARD DK - DragonTales Of Denmark 48 (Nibiru Endless Prophecy)

01 Heavenly Trip-Dream in the Fairy Forest[Trance Paradise]
02 Guided By Noises-It´s All Gone Tomorrow(Original Mix)[Amber Blue Recordings]
03 Paravon-Nibiru(Para X Mix)[Digital Euphoria Recordings]
04 Javier De Baraja-Black Day(Fran&Co Remix)[Amber Blue Recordings]
05 Victor Special-Blazing(Unix SL Remix)[Mysterious Station]
06 System Nipel-Breathing(Original Mix)[Edge Vision]
07 Andrew Becks-Endless Prophecy(Original Mix)[Amber Blue Recordings]
08 Amine Maxwell-Majestic(Extended Mix)[Sub.Mission Recordings]
09 TrancEye vs Audiowarp-Rise of the Two Different Worlds(TrancEye Dark Mashup)[hearthis.at]
10 DigitalArt & Ashley Apollodor-Portals Of Light(Original Mix)[Pegasus Music]
11 Air Project-Outside The Universe(Arsen Gold Remix)[Sundance Recordings]
12 Lux Shande-Modus(Original Mix)[AlYf Recordings]
13 Gabrielle AG-Mera(Original Mix)[D.MAX Dark]
14 Killsign Kilo & Hidden Tigress-Rapture(Frozen Skies Remix)[Lost World Recordings Red]
15 Phaxe-Angel of Destruction(Talla 2XLC Hands on Neelix Rework)[Soundcloud]
16 Eximinds-Interference(Original Mix)[Eximinds Airlines]
17 Nabil MJ-Too Many Lives(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
18 Pink-What About Us(Pink Panda Extended Mix)[Pink Panda Masters]
19 Nickelback-How You Remind Me(Bootleg Remix Watt & Jack)[hearthis.at]
20 Beat Tape-Girl(Original Mix)[Run Records]
21 Bryan Summerville Presents Ocean Boulevard-J.u.l.i.a.(Original Mix)[D.MAX Deep]
22 Daniel Kandi-Just For You(Lil Sandeep Vocal Mashup)[hearthis.at]
23 Carlo Mathaye-First Kiss(Original Mix)[Sundance Recordings]
24 Allegro-Serendipia(Original Mix)[Azura Recordings]
25 Nakhiya-Aurea Sententia(Original Mix)[Lost World Recordings Red]
26 Tekno & DJ T.H.-Big Keys(O.B.M Notion Remix)[Entrancing Music]
27 Nolans Stenemberg-Flashes(Original Mix)[Maraphobia]
28 Terry Bones vs Fred Baker-Introspection(Kamil Brandt Bootleg)[Vandit]
29 Saijad Zakaria-Emotional Encounter(Original Mix)[Entrancing Music]
30 George Acosta-Cruising(DJ Xquizit Remix)[Arkham Digital]
31 Thunder Project-Y.o.u Make Me Smile(Original Mix)[Lost World Recordings Red]
32 Aldo Henrycho feat.Thea Riley-Well Be Okay(Original Mix)[Abora Recordings]
33 Forbidden Mind-403(Original Mix)[D.MAX Recordings]
34 Zoe Song feat.Sophia Omarji-Frozen In Time(U-Mount Remix)[Maraphobia Vocalized]
35 Aurora Night-Destiny(Original Mix)[Mashbuk Recordings]
36 Safarda-Djerba(Original Mix)[Evolve Records]
37 DJ Abscence-Dreamcatcher(Original Mix)[Blackout Trance]
38 Victor Special-Light Faces(Stella Project Remix)[Mysterious Station]
39 Eddie Grant-The Hook(Original Mix)[TripleM Artists]
40 Sound Apparel-Follow Your Dream(Extended Mix)[Pulsar Recordings]
41 Tribal Temptation-Back Till Eternity(Original Mix)[Neurals Records]
42 NewTone-Welcome To Valhalla(Original Mix)[FREE DL][Pegasus Music]
43 Munsmawa-Amor Fe Y Confianza![Andean Tribe Records]
44 Moreno J-The Madness of War(Original Mix)[VERSE Recordings(Equinox)]

Story :
Dream in the Fairy Forest,It´s All Gone Tomorrow.
Nibiru,Black Day,Blazing,Breathing,Endless Prophecy.
Majestic,Rise of the Two Different Worlds.
Portals Of Light,Outside The Universe,Modus,Mera,Rapture.
Angel of Destruction,Interference,Too Many Lives.
What About Us,How You Remind Me,Girl,J.u.l.i.a.
Just For You,First Kiss,Serendipia,Aurea Sententia.
Big Keys,Flashes,Introspection,Emotional Encounter,Cruising.
Y.o.u Make Me Smile,We´ll Be Okay!
403,Frozen In Time,Destiny,Djerba.
Dreamcatcher,Light Faces,The Hook.
Follow Your Dream,Back Till Eternity,Welcome To Valhalla!
Amor Fe Y Confianza,The Madness of War.

    0:40   Heavenly Trip - Dream in the Fairy Forest
    43:20   Amine Maxwell - Majestic
    1:17:00   Lana Tele - Angel Is Here
    1:18:00   Phaxe - Angels of Destruction (Talla 2XLC Hands On **Neelix feat. Caroline Harrison Remix** Edit)
    2:05:20   Nakhiya - Aurea Sententia
    2:12:00   Nolans Stenemberg - Flashes - Original Mix
    2:36:40   Aldo Henrycho feat. Thea Riley - We'll Be Okay - Original Mix
    2:49:20   Zoë Song feat. Sophia Omarji - Frozen In Time - U-Mount Remix

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