Profile description of The Smoke Break Crew:

The Smoke Break Crew headed up by DJ Tokz (Timothy Penfold Schmidt) based out of San Francisco, CA.
Who are we???
We are The Smoke Break Crew! Why are we called this? Most members have had their world premiers and developed some of their skills and presence from,
The Best of Breaks Awards Nominated Show on NsbRadio
Not because all of us
Smoke and promote it!
We have come together to be a part something bigger than ourselves. So we can learn from one another and help each other move forward!
But why us? We all want to help enrich the world with music and fun times. Tell our stories through our music.
To share our passion with as many that will have us. We’re here for each other! We’re here for you! We are a family and we stronger together!
Now, members are not required to contribute and may not be active in crews day to day. But everyone’s heart is in it! And we are all in it for the right-ish reasons! And sooner or later you will see a name and be like who’s that?
Because their lives are very demanding and I only list active at the moment Members on ads
But if you want to know who we are..?
We are DJ’s
We are Producers
We are Promoters
We are Singers
We are Hip Hop Vocalists
We are Radio Hosts
We are Break Beat Masters
We are House Gangsters
We are Electro
We are Electric
We are,

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