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How meet each other

  • We used to go together at school at grade 12 on 2017, and we used to chill together as majitha giving each other latest music because most of us we had passion for music! Then by 2018 I went to Pretoria to further my studies at the moment I focused more on the career I was enrolled for but when I came back, then I told mandla that no my guy mine am pushing this kind of music, luckily he also had the same interest on the tunes.. I was playing from there we went to studio we did a mix tape! Together… after that one of our friends suggested that why don’t we work together and be Dual Djz. We didn’t take it seriously, after a week or two we decided to try to work together, we argued about the name then we thought about it then we came up with the name “THE BOYZ OF EVOLUTION” because we told ourselves that we want to do something different from the other Djz! That’s particularly where the name came from that we want to be the change... And come with some skills and strategy on the game.

Then on June we quickly created a social media platform ;
Facebook page : The boyz of Evolution
Twitter account : The Boyz of Evolution
Instagram account : The Boyz of Evolution
Email :
That’s how we started the Production as for the future we are planning to be one of the best Djz worldwide that is our dream that is our main mission we are not just playing for fun at the end of the day we want to accomplish something! Big because to us music it’s not just the beat that drives us it’s the passion love of the music, as we are growing we will be well known we just got to have patience and let our heart drives us where we want to be.
We decided to Drop on mix tape which it was our mix 001, by that time nobody knew us only our friends knew about us. After two weeks we drop another Mix which is Mix 002 which I can say it reached more people than we expected it was a fire Mix, then we also dropped Mix 003 which we decided to play calm music and not do many tricks but then we also got surprised the support we are getting is the sign of love and people are now looking out for us on what are going to drop or what new that we going to deliver because we always make sure that we surprise our fans. After a week or two we got a tip that on mix can be played live on Nkomazi FM we took that into consideration! And we approached Dj Quetin about that opportunity he told us that we can bring our mix so can hear it we did that we went through and we were told that our mix will be streamed Friday. And surely it was played from that day the compliments we got from people we don’t know gave us hope to really know that we are heading somewhere and what we are doing people love it and support. And since July started we already dropped three projects Mix already and our aim is to drop four projects which the last one we will drop end of July which “JULY HUNNIES MIX” currently we are working on two projects which is Mix 004 that’s also going to be fire!. Which we are planning to drop on august we haven’t decided the dates yet but we will announce it very soon!

What made us do the music we are doing?

As for the music we are not really specific on what we are playing or we are specifically focusing or a certain type of music I can say we play every genre as long as people love it then that’s where we fall in we will deliver to them, that’s why from the start we decided to call ourselves “THE BOYZ OF EVOLUTION” because evolution means to evolve and adapt to change. So we want to be a change to something and combine everything our Production, now we are currently playing the Yanos because everyone now it’s a fan and they love it, but that’s not main reason we are focusing on Yanos! We will deliver some different content just that now we want to grow our bubble and gain more followers so that when we deliver something it gets to touch lot of people out there.

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    • Key: Am
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