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Show #300 - November 19, 2020 :: Milestone Broadcast 300 ~

  1. High Hopes (Art Of Tones Remix) - Sebas Ramis f. Robert Owens
  2. Dont Try Me Baby (Revisit) - Jimmy Read feat. Prefix One
  3. Lutho (AM Flow Remix) - Vanco feat. Njabulo Seh
  4. Be Prepared (Mark Francis & Mark Lewis Vocal Remix) - Jill Scott
  5. It Ain't Over (David Penn Extended Edit) - Per Qx, Elias Bravo feat. Jocelyn Brown
  6. Falling (Booker T Kings Of Soul Satta Dub) - S.E.L feat. Bryan Chambers
  7. Emerald Cities (Harness Remix) - David Harness
  8. Season Of The Witch (Terry Hunter Main) - Terry Hunter, Muzikman Edition & Emske
  9. Deeper Love (Original Mix) - Doug Gomez & Stones & Bones feat.Tweety
  10. Can't Be With You (Jihad Muhammad Bang The Drums Remix) - Doug Gomez f. Earl W. Green
  11. Taking Up Space (Hallex M Remix) - Fuminori Kagajo f. Stephanie Cooke
  12. Do Beijo (The Mekanism & Franck Roger Remix) - Yuksek
  13. Lora (Main Mix) - Mòo & Jo feat. Lass
  14. Simo (Original Mix) - LevyM feat. Toshi, Benjy
  15. Perfect (Bang The Drum Mix) - BPM & BTD feat. Tank
  16. Walking On Thin Ice (Louie Vega, Sebastien Grand, Alex Finkin Remix) - Anané
  17. Like A Feather (Chris Forman's Deeper Vision Mix) - Steal Vybe feat. Ursula Rucker
  18. Mansions & Golden Streets (Main Mix) - Angel-A Russoul
  19. Behind The Veil (Ezel's Afro Karib Dub) - Tamara Wellons
  20. Da'Ana (Original Mix) - Hallex M
  21. There She Stands (Manoo Club Remix) - Namy feat. Monday Michiru
  22. Unclutter Your Mind (Main Mix) - Moon Rocket
  23. You Don't Know (Hippie Torrales Mash-up) - Hippie Torrales
  24. Come Inside (Original Mix) - Somersault //

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    1:30   Sebas Ramis - High Hopes (Remix Pack) (Art Of Tones Remix) feat. Robert Owens
    5:30   Jimmy Read - Dont Try Me Baby
    10:00   Vanco - Lutho (feat. Njabulo Seh) (AM Flow Remix)
    20:30   Jocelyn Brown;Per QX;Elias Bravo - It Ain't Over (feat. Jocelyn Brown) [David Penn Extended Edit]
    26:30   S.E.L featuring Bryan Chambers - Falling (Booker T Kings Of Soul Satta Dub) feat. Bryan Chambers
    30:00   David Harness Project - Emerald Cities (Harness Remix)
    42:00   Tweety;Doug Gomez;Stones & Bones - Deeper Love (Original Mix)
    48:30   Doug Gomez and Earl W. Green - Can't Be With You (Jihad Muhammad Remix)
    54:00   Fuminori Kagajo - Taking up Space (Hallex M Remix)
    59:30   Yuksek - Do Beijo
    1:02:00   Yuksek - Do Beijo (The Mekanism & Franck Roger Remix)
    1:18:30   Anane - Walking On Thin Ice
    1:24:30   Steal Vybe - Like A Feather (Chris Forman's Deeper Vision Instrumental)
    1:38:30   Tamara Wellons - Behind the Veil
    1:39:30   Hallex M - Da'Ana (Original Mix) feat. Stevo Atambire
    1:46:00   Namy - There She Stands (Manoo Club Remix)
    1:47:00   Namy - There She Stands (Manoo Club Remix) feat. Monday Michiru
    1:52:00   Moon Rocket - Unclutter Your Mind (Main Mix)
    2:02:00   Somersault - Come Inside

    Deep House, Soul
    • Type: Live
    • 123 bpm
    • Key: Ebm
    • Philadelphia, PA, USA
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