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Felix will deliver 60 Minutes of nothing but straight Techno to your soundsystem, every week!
With over 50 radio stations in countries like the US, UK, Brazil, Sweden, Italy or Spain this one is going global!
"I've been receiving so many mails and requests from international fans of my show, that it was just the natural step. Becoming a part of the global techno movement feels great!" Felix said.

Sunshine Live: Wednesday (21:00 - 23:00) {GMT+1}
UB Radio: Every Thursday (07:00-08:00){GMT+7}
Space Radio: Every Tuesday(13:00-14:00) {GMT+3}
Clubland FM: Every Tuesday (22:00-23:00) (GMT+ 0)
Radio Bondi / Radio Sydney: Every Monday (01:00-02:00)(GMT+ 11)
Digitally Imported - Techno Channel: Every Wednesday (00:00-01:00)(GMT+ 11)
Madzonegeneration: Every Thursday (16:00-17:00)(GMT+ 1)
Vicious Radio Spain: Every Monday (03:00-04:00) (GMT +1)
Every 2nd Thursday, (19:00-20:00) (GMT +01:00)
R·dio Na Balada: Every Tuesday (22:00-23:00) (GMT-02:00)
CUEBASE FM: Every Tuesday (16:00-17:00) (GMT +01:00)
The Department of Dance: Every Tuesday (18:00-19:00) (GMT-06:00)
Studio Lux FM: Every Wednesday, (20:00-21:00)(GMT +01:00)
TEC RADIO: Every Wednesday (02:00-03:00),( GMT-03:00)
Radio FG Belgium: Every Monday (23:00-00:00) (GMT+ 01:00)
InnerVisions Radio: Every Monday (23:00-00:00) (GMT+00:00)
Club FM: Every Monday (22:00-23:00), (GMT+01:00)
InfinityFM: Every Wednesday (19:00-20:00, (GMT+02:00)
Radio34 Montpellier: 8th of each month, (03:00-04:00), (GMT+01:00)
Kittikun Minimal Techno: Every Monday (18:00-19:00)(GMT+09:00)
Castle Club Radio: Every Tuesday (01:00-02:00), (GMT+02:00)
Inferno Radio: Every Thursday (00:00-01:00),(GMT+00:00)
dinamo.fm: Every Saturday (02:00-03:00),(GMT+02:00)
RedSeaDanceRadio.Com: Every Friday (01:00-02:00)(GMT+00:00)
Electro Radio: Every Monday,(22:00-23:00)(GMT+01:00)
Uculturemix Electronic Radio: Every Monday (19:00-20:00),(GMT-03:00)
Scottsdale Nights Radio: Every Wednesday (21:00-22:00),(GMT-07:00)
Alpha Global Radio: Every Saturday (23:00-00:01),(GMT+00:00)
enationFM: Every Monday (16:00-17:00)(GMT-05:00)
Syndicast Radio: Every 1st Wednesday of each month (GMT+00:00)
DFM: Every Friday, (23:00-00:00)(GMT+06:00)
Pulse Radio Lake County: Every Monday (11:30-12:30, (GMT-06:00)
DJ COIMBRA FM: Every Sunday (03:00-04:00),(GMT+00:00)
DIESEL.FM: Every Wednesday (20:00-21:00)(GMT-05:00)
INSIDE MY HOUSE RADIO: Every Thursday (01:00-02:00)(GMT+01:00)
Radio Storm: Every Sunday (00:00-01:00)(GMT+03:00)
Rave-Nation 24: Every Friday (20:00-21:00),(GMT+01:00)
SyZ Radio: Every Monday (08:00-09:00)(GMT-03:00)
VIP Webradio: Every Thursday (00:01-01:00)(GMT+01:00)
Groove Radio:Every Saturday (17:00-18:00),(GMT+01:00)
Heydayz FM: Every Wednesday (23:00-23:59)(GMT+01:00)
Skywalker FM:Every Monday (23:00-00:00)(GMT+01:00)
1SOUND.hamburg:Monday (19:00-20:00)(GMT+01:00)
Sin Radio: Every Monday (21:00-22:00),(GMT+02:00)
radioEttlingen.de: Every Friday (19:15-20:15)(GMT+01:00)
06AM Ibiza Underground Radio: Every Saturday (01:00-01:59),(GMT+01:00)
54house.fm: Every Saturday (22:00-23:00),(GMT+01:00)
Radio Taranto Uno Every Tuesday (15:15-16:15)(GMT+01:00)
Realdance Radio: Every Friday (19:00-20:00)(GMT+01:00
Techno.FM Every Thursday (18:00-19:00)(GMT+00:00)

For Syndication please contact: contact@syndicast.co.uk

Facebook: facebook.com/felixkroecherofficial
Soundcloud: @felix-kroecher
Twitter: twitter.com/felixkroecher
Instagram: instagram.com/felixkroecher

    5:00   Kiko - Onze
    6:40   Fur Coat - Odisea
    12:20   Moonwalk - Odensa
    19:40   Pirupa - Back to Bass
    29:00   Psycatron - Pure Platinum
    31:00   Paul Ursin - Blackeys
    37:00   Moonwalk - Abstract
    43:20   Radio Slave - Another Club
    51:20   DJ Koze - Driven
    57:40   Mathame - Alkahest
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