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    Something In The Attic - 'BACK TO FRONT' Exhibition

    Something In The Attic - 'BACK TO FRONT' Exhibition by Mark GV Taylor / La Homage
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'Something In The Attic' put on an art exhibition in central London in early December 2013 for a week...
The concept was a meeting of music and art under one roof, and each of the seven days music was selected from different DJ/Collectors to programme alongside the art on display.
Here is a sample from my eight hours of music programmed to be played alongside the art on the opening day of the exhibition...


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    0:20   Brian Bennett - Discovery
    9:20   Leon Lowman - The Want
    16:20   The Cinematic Orchestra - Channel 1 Suite
    28:20   Claus Ogerman Orchestra - Night Will Fall
    30:40   The Mothers - You
    39:40   Boozoo Bajou - Big Nicks
    44:40   Extended Spirit - Illicity Pt. 1
    48:20   Kosma - Die Sylphen
    55:40   Marc Moulin - S.U.S.
    59:40   Joe Thomas - A Place In Space
    1:05:00   Jimmy McGriff - Snow Blower
    1:12:00   Ice Sarunyu - Ozan Koukle

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