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    TC Dj - ON MUSIC ( Radio Show New Episode ) 36

    TC Dj - ON MUSIC ( Radio Show New Episode ) 36 by TC Dj
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TC Dj - ON MUSIC ( Radio Show New Episode ) 36


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is an experienced DJ and producer since 1989 based in Naples, Italy. Music has always been a big part of his life, but at the age of 12 he got closer and closer to techno.
Inspirate by the underground and urban sounds him was determined to start her own career as an artist.
TC delivers an industrial sound with dark atmospheres, but the essence sperimental within her music.

TC Dj is a musical evolutionary DJ, always in search of new ideas and goals and experimenting with new ways, reinventing new languages: in its manipulative sets, it transforms, contaminates sounds in search of the possible infinite combination, challenging canons and prejudices, playing Knowingly with technology and everything that allows you to create and re-elaborate music as if it were color .

He has played with several djs and producers including Mark Broom, DJ Lukas, dj Du'art, dj Sasha Carassi, dj Felix Kröcher, dj Horacio Cruz, dj Danilo Vigorito, dj Murphy, dj Fernanda Martins, dj Paula Cazenave, dj Professor dj Fatima Hajji, DJ Karm Rise.

TC Dj è un DJ e produttore con esperienza dal 1989 con sede a Napoli, in Italia. La musica è sempre stata una grande parte della sua vita, ma all'età di 12 anni si è avvicinato sempre di più alla techno.

Ispirato dai suoni underground e urbani, era determinato a iniziare la sua carriera come artista.

TC offre un suono industriale con atmosfere oscure, ma l'essenza sperimentale nella sua musica.

TC è un dj musicale in evoluzione, sempre alla ricerca di nuove idee e traguardi e che sperimenta nuove strade, reinventando nuovi linguaggi: nei suoi set manipolativi trasforma, contamina i suoni alla ricerca della combinazione infinita possibile, sfidando canoni e pregiudizi, suonando Consapevolmente con la tecnologia e tutto ciò che permette di creare e rielaborare la musica come se fosse colore.

Ha suonato con diversi dj e produttori tra cui Mark Broom, dj Lukas, dj Du'art, dj Sasha Carassi, dj Felix Kröcher, dj Horacio Cruz, dj Danilo Vigorito, dj Murphy, dj Fernanda Martins, dj Paula Cazenave, dj A Professor dj Fatima Hajji.

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    7:34   H! Dude - One More Song
    11:35   Non-specific Defence System - Erase
    15:34   Barthezz - On the Move (Original)
    19:34   Aurora Borealis - The Milky Way
    21:35   DJ Moksha - Saraswati
    25:35   The Goondock Saint - The Prom
    29:35   Mike Bassliner - Acid Track (Hard-Trance Remix)
    31:34   dopesgone. - Delirious Subjective Effect
    35:35   Cenk Basaran - Callisto (Extended Mix)
    43:34   Paul van Dyk - I Don't Deserve You (John O'Callaghan Remix) [feat. Plumb]
    45:35   Charly McPuros - The Trumpets Gang
    47:35   Acidphase - Digital Sex
    51:35   6th Floor - Grey Goo
    53:36   Eftek - Plastok
    57:34   Analect - Body Count (Exil der Schatten Remix)
    59:35   La Luna - When the Morning Comes (Space Cadets Mix)
    1:01:35   Culture Beat - Crying in the Rain (Extended Version)
    1:05:35   B.W.P. Experiments - Synapsys
    1:09:34   sjush - Aura
    1:11:35   Groovecult - Come To Me (Club Mix)
    1:17:34   Jennifer Pascual - Choral varie sur le "Veni Creator," Op. 4: V. Allegro
    1:25:35   Underworld - Born Slippy (Nuxx)
    1:27:34   4TLR - Ending 2 (Live at Funkhaus Berlin, 10th May 2018)
    1:33:35   Alignment - Injection
    1:37:34   Luigi Madonna - CNTMP 1.01

    • 147 bpm
    • Napoli, Italy
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