Have you ever fallen in love with a narcissist?

Once you realise you can never change that person, do you carry on living with them, while feeling sorry for yourself, or do you say “NEXT!”?

The second song in the series that explores the anger and anxiety of growing old and irrelevant, is all about dissonance. With layers of guitars and synths, with shouty vocals barely coming through, the song takes inspiration from a particular Sonic Youth tune, “Wish Fulfillment” (from the Dirty album).

The song is also inspired by “Jedina Moja” by Marinko Rokvic, but in the opposite way. We often hear about how music inspires us positively, but sometimes, a song is so repulsive to you, that you react by wanting to mangle and pervert it. We used Rokvic’s extremely kitschy and tasteless song about loving a narcissist and turned it upside down. The result is this punchy noise rock song that you’re hearing now.

released July 28, 2020
Vocals, guitars, double bass, drums - Vaat Dafuq
Synths - Sabine de Rousseau

Recorded and produced by Tantrumzentrum
Drums recorded at Bassment Space by Felix Macintosh
Mixed and mastered by Blue Door Music Productions

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    Indie, Noise Rock, krautrock, post punk, Postpunk, nowave
    • Version: Radio Edit
    • Type: Original
    • Release Date: 07/28/2020 6:45 PM
    • 155 bpm
    • Key: Em
    • London, UK
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