I've often wondered why death is such a taboo subject in our culture, seeing as it's the one thing we humans all have in common, and the only thing that's certain for us all.

I also believe that we are only separated from our loved ones for a relatively short while after our bodies have left earth.

This song is about the loss of a loved one, and the comfort in knowing that you'll see them again.

It's been a challenge actually getting a recording! I wrote it when a friend lost his father, and I found it almost impossible to sing without sobbing. Turns out that early morning is a good time for doing it, so here's a first version recorded on the Iphone.

In the version here, I defaulted to an earlier version of the lyrics, but after so many takes of trying to record, and it's a work in progress I'm just glad to have finally got a recording I can refer to and can correct them in the proper recording
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Seeing You Again

I know that life’s a circle
That never really ends.
We’re gifted with our precious time
With loved ones and our friends.

Know I love you and
That I always will.
You’ll live on in our memory
And be with us still.

So why do we deny it?
How could we be more prepared?
For when body leaves the earth?
There’s no need to be scared, my darling.

As I’m watching beauty
And people passing by
Going on their journies
I’ve no tears left to cry.
‘Coz I know
I’ll hear you in the children
And see you in their smile
And though we may be parted
It’s only for a while, I know this.

It’s true that life’s a circle
That doesn’t have an end
So let’s say goodbye for now
And I’ll be seeing you again,
I know this.

I'll be seeing you again.
Seeing you again.

    • 94.5 bpm
    • Key: E
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