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01.Sesión/Twb Dos
02.Sesión/Twb Tres
03.Sesión/Twb Uno
04.Sesión/Twb Cuatro

improvisation recording by Taiki Ozawa
w/iphone5s[Tweaky Beat iosAPP] & Korg Kp-mini
in 06/Feb/2017


■SOUNDCLOUD: soundcloud.com/dchtcga
■MIXCLOUD: mixcloud.com/taikiozawa
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from Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

DJ / Producer/Chaitune.
One of the Mexican Experimental Rock Band ‘Terooka’ (Noise/Feedback/Effects/Syn).
Founder of Music&Art collective "Karmacura Studio", "Buri 2 Lab".
Open air rave 'Goku Raku' organizer.

In 2003 debuted as DJ of UK Hard House. He was acted mainly Shinjuku Club Complex CODE (Shinjuku/Tokyo).
After that, He stopped DJ activity, started music production under 'Chaitune' name, and since then his musical curiosity continued to expand, collecting 10,000 vinyls including Tropicalismo / Brasil, Spiritual / Free Jazz, 70's Progressive Rock, Noise, Hardcore, Techno,Electronica etc Refine the music of various styles.

In 2014, He started again as a DJ, playing at parties in various scenes such as Jazz / Techno / Bass / Deep House mainly in Tokyo.
Also start open-air rave "Goku Raku" in local Kanagawa prefecture.

In2015,He expanded the scope of activities to Tokyo / Mexico City .
Played mainly around art festival events.
Further in Tokyo, he also acted as a member of Underground Dark Minimal / Industrial Techno Collective 'Hydrant' presided over by Tomo Hachiga.
He held 'Goku Raku 2015' in October.

In2016, He began to releace his music ,In March, he joined to Mexican label 'Latin Bass Mexico Record's compilation 'LBMRVol.5' becoming a label official DJ.In July, he dropped 1st EP 'Ritmo de Hydra' from Spainsh label Cicuta Netlabel.
Continuously, in November, 2ndEP 'Quick' from Hungarian 'Art Style: Techno Records', 3 rd EP 'Equipo' from Spanish 'TRAXACID Records' in December,
In January 2017, '4th MLP' Re Bateria Projecto 'was released from' D.M.T Records of Canada.
It also extends the range of activities such as offering DJ MIX to Colombian radio station 'Colectivo Bunka' and Ukrainian techno podcast 'Aivazovsky Waves', participation in various compilations.

At the end of 2016, move the activity base to Mexico City and join the Mexican Experimental Rock Band 'Terooka'.
In addition, he started improvising noise performance / visual collective 'Buri 2 Lab' with band member Roberto Tercero, Mexican artist 'Lui Itzel' etc.
In January 2017, the first live performance as 'Buri 2 Lab' was held at Las Rentas, Mexico City's experiment space.

His musicality is mainly on Techno, mixes elements like -Industrial-Tropical-Rave- put together of dark texture.
So when performs DJ/ produces, always takes experimental elements.
'Psychedelic', 'Progressive' are also important keywords.
In addition, as a member of 'Terooka', he uses soft synths and iOS to mix noise / feedback / ambience etc into the band sound.

past releases:

■1st EP: Taiki Ozawa / Ritmo de Hydra EP (2016/CICUTA Netlabel)

■2ndEP: Taiki Ozawa / Quick EP (2016/Art Style: Techno Records)

■3rdEP: Taiki Ozawa / Equipo (2016/Traxacid Records)

■4thMLP: Taiki Ozawa / Re Bateria Projecto (2017/D.M.T Records)

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