can't help it, it's getting worse here. smouldering, yes, and the raindance didn't work. it's hotter than hell, and you can hear it: i've managed to find a dirtbox that i like, and have put it to work onto the track (for the first time in my life). i've tried countless, all sorts, from solid state to vacuum tube, from ic-based to germanium and geranium... this is the first one that feels like i have control over with, and probably a keeper. but it's still digital, despite all my efforts to keep looking in all directions. it's the new, just arrived algo from Eventide, the Crush Station made for the H9 platform. first one i ever liked, but i've finally found why i didn't like any of the others i tried. there's two new boxes on the grid, too, which are looping noise on their own, both from Strymon (a Dig and an El Capistan). and guitar is guitar, this time, plain old banal e- to -e, the optic-flowered steinberger ss2f, that has no piezo, just emg mags. and that's as far as i'll go with the pa and the fx and the laptop and the soundcard switched on. roger and out, thanks for listening and for reading. spooky.

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