[some really extended low-end here - if you feel like lending an ear to this track, too, make yourself a favor and opt for a quality headphone, possibly properly driven, or a serious set of loudspeakers able to reach down where headphones do (at ten or twenty times their cost, ├ža va sans dire)]

the more i try to expand my sound dictionary towards the output of software platforms, the more i find answers to (most of)my questions in that trap of my usual, worn-out soundtable, a blessing and a curse, which often makes for my golden cage, but which at any further run seem to kick its limit, its bars, again where i can't reach them.

this is straight from the loopers, no added flavour, no radio, no voice, no noises, no field recordings. my most own guitar, the one without paint i've made myself, and the same effects pedals i can't ditch for all the love in the world.

it builds on the concept of we've_losta_ghostca_thedral, but at least in my intention it gets at it from a wider, sparser time grid, although time always escapes my control the very second i press a button (or push-button).

what goes, what gives... not that i enjoy it, but i've found my old nightmares from 2012 earthquake perfectly preserved and pretty functional, oiled and smooth-running, awaiting for me at night. pity, because i thought not having felt a tremor may have been my travel permit to be rid of panic and fear.

title mimics what i was pondering while playing, of course. if i had been inside the landslide, i doubt i would have left the air to make some noise, but being on the side of a landslide might let you see and feel the whole, sheer, brute force of mass and gravity, but possibly without being trapped into it.

i can't, again, tell if this is scary, or just boring, or whatnot... it scares me, it's a fact, but i believe what scares me is what creates my need to play in this direction, the motive, not the outcome. dark ambient... sure, another genre-definition, not necessarily any more useful than any other style tag. but if it helps you choose to steer away from this, i'll concede, it can help, indeed.

my sincere gratitude if you've reached this far in reading.
thank you for stopping by, and for listening to zanetti's new track. and, just to keep on the safe side of things: stay on this side of the landslide, please.

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