she never gets the credit she deserves, washed as she is by tons and tons of effects and loops and editing. thought my guitar, my go-to guitar, needed a place center stage in the follow spot, which is why you won't find any of the usual zanetti's recipe to its sound on this track.

she's (deceivingly) so humble she ain't got even a coat of paint, or the primer underneath it, to start with. so the woodgrain shows through, and it's hard to use her during the summer, because she'll just drink up (and get soaked by) liters of perspiration, unprotected as she is.

but, that was the whole purpose in the excercise of building her with spec'd parts, sustain lasts for days, weeks, months, even. you pluck a string, have lunch (and an italian one at that), and when you get back after the espresso, she'll be still ringing it through.

so, here she is, in her full glory, on my soundcloud vault, with hardly a tune, or even an idea, behind what you're hearing here. three tracks, panned left-center-right (though not hard-), and a dollop of reverb, it's all. oh, and she has flatwound strings, made by thomastik infeld of vienna. and she's tuned c-c standard.

title is borrowed from elio e le storie tese's song "second me", in which the real and great james taylor sings in makeshift english a nonsense text ripe with the most horrible (and typical) grammar mistakes italians make when trying to speak english. james makes it magic none the less, his voice like midas' touch, which i'd want to be true of my guitar as well, though i'm aware i never seriously worked to better her player.

well, i don't know to play well the my guitar, but i don't know to play well neither the yours.

and, if you wonder why bother uploading silly bits and pieces of junk like this, here's the answer: soundcloud is so full of liars, posers and spammers, that a nonsense tracks that's still played as is, and placed without any other purpose than sharing it, is far more honest a proposal than most of those i (try not to) see. and its storage bulk it's spaid for, besides.

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