i had to change my travel arrangements and anticipate my return.
the earliest leave possible didn't save me from a very late arrival in the deepest night, though.
so i was driving on the highway, and despite the environmental light pollution, a starry sky was my (most welcome) companion.

one pattern, in particular, kept popping up in the side-window to my left.
i couldn't tell what it was, i did not know its name (if it had one), but its shape resembled a cross to my eye, and being that it was visible when i looked south, i thought it was the crux, one of the very few names of star patterns or constellations i remember.
turns out it does not have a name, and it wasn't the crux, either, but it belongs, nonetheless.

the shape was peculiar, and given how it kept popping up in my peripheral vision (which is the greatest help to the night driver trying to keep awake and fresh), i was captured by its shape, and the rhythm of view itself.

the car low-pitched background noise doesn't help to keep eyes open, at least in my case, i always found it magically lulling, but somehow the starscape kept my attention high, and i made it home safe and sound.

i've thought of that stretch of highway, that moment, that star pattern, many times in the following days, so this track here is my way of packing that vision, that moment, its feelings, into a condensed form to be shared, and brought to memory.

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