i've spent a number of months running my sound engine off a twin, parallel signal path in which delays ran side by side, chained three-each.
it took quite an effort to set it up, experimenting different order, soldering custom wiring, adapting levels, mixing the outputs and all.

on paper, it was a great idea that offered a huge increase in flexibility, for setting up independent delay values without smashing any pattern structure into a wishy-washy haze. in real terms, though, i had far less use for itchy polyrhythmic licks, than i have for dense, thick, smeared trains of fading trails.

what's worse, parallel signal paths disposed of quite an amount of thickness from my tone, which was then cleaner and more legible, but also a lot less self-supporting, self-standing, for lack of a better word.

had i been a skilled guitarist, one whose licks and riffs are worth of being remembered, this would have served you, my dear and most esteemed listeners, with a quite a richer picture in terms of detail and filigree. being the portrait of mediocrity in my playing, and being honestly aware of this, i saw no point in keeping up with the more flexible tool, instead of opting for a potentially richer timbre content.

so i took the scissors, pulled the cross-cables from under the rug, and took my weller soldering iron to a prolonged session of new wiring. it produced a new set of cables for daisy-chaining one delay into the next, throughout the whole chain, without any possibility to tell what pours into one from pouring into the next, too.

this new signal path is now exactly as it was before i inherited a mackie mixer from the band i've shortly been with, last year. it's a new old signal path, and devoid of quite a number of recent additions to the pedalboard, all neatly packed and boxed and well clear of my output jack. simpler, poorer, in a literal sense, and a lot less flexible. which probably is, given the poorness of my playing, just an organic, balanced, reciprocal lack of luster.

hopefully re: sonance re: sonates off this dull hue on the anniversary of the (italian) re: public.

if you respect history, and take the effort of learning both motives and outcomes behind what may be seen as mere milestones, nightmares won't poison your sleep ever again.

which is why, after the tyranny, the fascist regime, the horror of wwii and the holocaust, sending a coward opportunist to exile and the ruling dictator to the gallows produced at least a hint of majority in giving women full voting rights, and a republic to the citizens who wanted to build their own future (and rebuild a country in shambles).

ain't this a good enough reason to celebrate with some original, incidental, background whirr that may not be proper to even try call music?

thank you for stopping by, for reading, for listening. hope you enjoy the re: sonance, as i hope you enjoy the re: public.

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