i've currently arranged my lodging right within a construction site.
the deserted place, after workers have gone for the day, doesn't feel exactly welcoming.
which explains why i've had some difficulties in falling asleep, recently.

sound is my favourite medicine for a number of instances and issues, this is hardly news.
these days, sound can and does help me fall asleep, and shed my fears away, like when i have the (aural) sensation that someone's trying to break into my small, cramped (and inhabitated by me) quarters within this wrecked house.

i've used all sorts of audio files and feeds, along these few past weeks. some worked better than others, some just distracted me, some exhausted me even more (though got me to sleep because of it), but the bottom line is, shaken and stressed as i've been, have failed to find inspiration for playing, repeatedly.

so when temperature rose to (early) summer standards, and exhaustion had the best of me...

...solace from the air conditioning thing pushed full blast sent me in creativity mode by shredding my resistance.

as i plucked and stroke these strings and twisted knobs on all my pedals, out came this, which instantly drove me into sleeping mode... and i fell asleep like... now, with my three wise loopers whirring off their tunes, and the radio spreading voices from afar into my soundfield, with the usual mess of grinded airwaves as their backdrop.

don't know if what effect this track has on me applies to you as well.
but if it does and you find it useful, be my guest and help yourself.
i'm no practitioner of hypnosis, but as this track had me thrown off somewhere else for hours and good, while nothing else helped half as this, i thought i might as well call this by its name: hypnosis.

nose is hip, nose is.
especially when it helps you to sleep, and wake up fresher than you've been for weeks.
played this for some hours, before i decided to pack it up neatly and set all levels right, cut it to a manageable length, and published it here so i can share it with you.

thank you for stopping by, thank you for reading until here, thank you for listening to nose is hip, nose is.

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