this was sewn together while on a holiday in which i didn't have any stringed instruments along with me. and had to do with the only tool at hand, my own Apfel Rechner.

so my usual down-pitched guitar loops were added later, when i finally got to play along the tracks i had laid down while in Südtirol, together with a few, loose notes on a piano, some overall effects for the track, and a sound badge made with pink noise and three sine bursts.

don't know how this gets to you, but i'm almost ashamed for how evident the rhythm content is, something i usually manage to keep well clear of. it's here, no point in fighting it.

that's why i've opted for adding rumble and muddiness within the fx chains, and even expanded it to an octave below my usual: it wouldn't have solidified to my usual concotion if so much white had been left on the page.

it ain't an audiophile track, it's sunday and i'm off the job, so it doesn't have to sound neither clear not nice. dense, if at all possible, yes please.

whatever brought you here, or however you reached this, theodor says thank you for reading this far, thank you for listening to mountain view.

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