(extended low-end on this track. make yourself a favour, listen with quality headphones or full-range, high-res loudspeakers).

see, this time i didn't feel home with my usual tags. so they're not appearing because i chose not to, it's not forgetfulness, it's deliberate.

yes, there's my usual loops of artifacts by unattended effects. and yes, there's my usual background of ham radio operators, but there's some alien content that i'm not sure at all fits the ambient cliché. you'll hear it, unless you already did.

all the wording in the track is in italian language. my short blabbering, and the ham radio ops, italian only. whoa, it feels terribly exotic to me.
i quit with italian in music when i was thirteen, by the time i left the parish mass band (and never looked back).
couldn't dispense with a title in english, though, so you got this foggy_plains with which the track was put in the making.

guitar this way... that's out of my world, too.
and not just in sound, but the strumming of all six strings, with a vengeance, though not yet by a pick, nails, still.
it's a baritone, an Ibanez neck-through mahagoni treat that weighs considerably more than any bass i have around here (and there's one fiver and two sixers, too!). it's tuned to b, and it's about the first time i saw purpose in its two humbuckers (through darkglass b9k ultra and eventide h9/sculpt distortion).

throb pulsing across the whole track is the cable jack, squeezed between thumb and index finger while i keep both (naked) feet on the cold, hard floor (below street level). it's looped in the tc ditto x2 and halved in pitch/speed.

fretless bass is a 4 string warwick corvette with nylon flatwounds. it finally keeps together as it should, with a solid shim in the neck pocket that has graced its attack, so all it lacks now is a good bass player. but i love it all the same, and dream of being the next percy jones or mick karn or jaco pastorius any time i put it on (and find out i won't, again, at least in this life).

and, whenever i'm looking for something that makes me feel more stupid than singing or playing in italian, i only realize it when it's too late: translating my italian into english makes me feel definitely a lot more stupid than using italian in my sound concoctions.

well, if i've already gone this far, why not make it to the full circle?

the plain is full of fog.
the plain in november.
the plain stretches onto all that's flat.
the plain goes on until you fall asleep at the steering wheel.
the plain, when it rains, fills with water to the brim.
not like the mountains, they just flush it.
the plain is full of mosquitos. but not right now.
mosquitos are afraid of fog.
that's why there's no mosquitos now.
viva the fog, then, if you have to keep to the plain.

and if you've come this far, you deserve my gratitude.
thank you for stopping by, thank your for reading, thank you for listening to the foggy plains.

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