when the search was finally over, the tension, the struggle, the exhaustion left room to a benign relief, ripe with hope and positivity.

which is why filigree hasn't much in common with most of t.w.z. tracks: its name doesn't depict the real happening, and it's entirely played on a 34" bass guitar (of the 6-string variety) and hardly anything else.

picture is from a snacks dispenser that was whirring away at the place we escaped from, fearful and sorrowful. which probably explains why t.w.z.'s usual background noise has been dispensed with, on this track.

funny, as it is, how the electric bass played in the upper register seems to dub a nylon-strings guitar. most likely, it's because it still calls for a capable bass player.

thank you for reading, thank you for stopping by, thank you for listening to filigree.

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