[headphones, or full-range loudspeakers, warmly recommended]

a few recent events triggered my anxiety and preoccupation, not last the earthquake that shook central italy again a few days ago. which, although quite far from where i live, brought back vivid memories of the one that hit my area in 2012.

it may have turned out like a dark, obscure, heavy atmosphere for an audio track, and it probably has, to some extent. but a friend wrote me today, and in the short exchange that followed his (most welcome) note, he smiled at a statement i wrote in my reply.

so the track was meant to be spooky, but this friend's message got me in a positive, festive mood. which is reflected in the picture, and title of the track. he knows what i'm talking about, this is really the car of my dreams, the car i dream of, my dreem_kah.

now, inside the track, for those who like to be in the knowing...

the short guitar clip is actually three discrete loops layered onto each other, and played half-speed from my usual three t.c. electronic ditto x2 loopers at the end of the fx chain, my usual recorders.

oh, and it's not your standard guitar, it's a Fender Pawn Shop Bass VI, six strings like a guitar, tuned one octave lower, on a 30" scale... it's half-way between a guitar and a bass, a bit of both, somehow, and again substantially different from a baritone guitar.

voices from the airwaves belong to amateur radio operators, mostly senior us citizens, sharing tips on their radio equipment, telling about poor service with their health issues, or fixing time and date for a future talk over the airwaves, propagation notwithstanding.

i had originally recorded conversation received in different days and different times, with radio enthusiasts from different countries... but i saw some sense in keeping the conversation... domestic, shall i say?

beside their voice and their chitchat, it's the noise surrounding the conversation that attracts my attention, of course. i chose whatever burst, drone, sequence, beat, resonance, and laid tracks and tracks of this fine noise texture.

i still had in mind to read some text over that, but... too late, the track was already so densely populated, that there was too little silence, in between ham radio voices, to tell a story and hope it could be understood.

but as i already had the microphone on my head, i couldn't just quit ableton live and get back empty-handed to a pastiche of radio noises.

so i sang a monotone, boring "a bocca chiusa" line, closed-mouth, for the whole duration of the track, like there's no tomorrow, without any mercy to your ears, and no edit or alternate take, what i sang is what you get.

as with every other track by theodor wilhelm zanetti, twz needs to play it again and again in the next days, to understand whether twz likes it, or find it useful.

because it's meant to be hung on a wall like a picture, or a photograph, or a bunch of flowers in a vase on a table, repeating countless times, if i decide to keep it. but i'll let you know, while you, please, would be so nice to let me have your feedback.

once more, and again this time: thank you for stopping by, thank you for reading until here, thank you for listening to dreem_kah.

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