it seemed like a thunderstorm was ready. but it wasn't.
and today was, in its whole, one of those lucky days in which things just clicked in. and, how best then to celebrate, than with a short hymn, though a hastily stitched-together one?

checkmate contains more distortion than any other twz track so far, probably. no edit, no mix, track's just the output of three loopers, each one playing onto the next, into the soundcard input.

i spent more than fifty years with no use for distortion, and now it's often inserted in the signal path. more often than i even thought, honestly.
it's choice, i'm not getting senile (at least on this topic, i mean).

how comes?

for players' curiosity, cab-style (unpainted) guitar with tv jones pickups and paulovnia body is the tool of stringwork here. in this round, it's strung with d'addario chromes .012-.052 flatwounds.

swell's done with the lehle mono volume pedal, to which i'm gradually getting used, as the shape of the volume curve of my previous ernie ball volume pedal jr. was quite different, especially from the "closed" state upwards (heel down).

before the usual bank of serial delays and the only modulation effect in the chain, the drone-y thing is made with the eventide h9's resonator algorithm. wherever and whenever there's no volume swell, the signal you're hearing has no dry feed routed, so delays are adding cycles to/of a signal that has no attack.

short and easy, this time. did my best to preserve the ultra-low portion by a careful level trimming... but soundcloud needs to deliver fast to the whole world, so data reduction can't just be avoided.

thank you for stopping by, and for reading, and listening.

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