imagine aether_canvas as a cut of fabric made of sounds and auditory signals that have been woven together. onto such cloth, some shapes have been embroidered, with a contrast so low, that it actually makes it hard to tell what's been woven on the loom, and what's been stitched thereafter.

aether_canvas results from the exploration of radio aether, something i've been attracted to since my teen years. like other juvenile interests, i never made it to master ham radio, but always dreamt it would have happened, one day.

short waves radio receivers have had their place in electronic music during the twentieth century, but despite the stochastic element being a central ingredient of many works, trying to perform today any such piece inevitably results in a thinner, lighter, less populated (and less varied) choice of sound signals.

i hardly attend concerts or public performances of any kind, typically no more than once or twice a year. last year i chose an evening dedicated to karlheinz stockhausen, in which a piece for short wave radio had to be performed through playback of short wave radio transmissions recorded year before... because in a number of enclosed spaces, and especially recently built ones, right in the centre of the urban environment, a portable world band receiver with its own stylus antenna might not receive much at all.

this bogged me for a few days, in retrospect... i had kept an interest at bay for lack of financing means when i was young, and now that cheaper technology has made even a passable receiver affordable to my pocket, turns out i may be able to buy one, but probably unable to receive much on it.

then i discovered that the internet hosts a number of software-defined radio receivers onto which casual listeners can tune their frequency of choice, and... listen. what any such software-defined receiver, though, depends on the type of antenna it is connected to, and to the exact place where it is geographically located.

where your own radio, hooked to your own antenna, might or might not get you farther then a hundred or a thousand of miles or kilometers, wherever a software-defined receiver is receiving, you can reach it via the internet, and listen to it from wherever you connect to the internet.
exploration might easily become a never-ending journey.

aether_canvas contains samples played live from such technology, processed via my sound effects table, along with a guitar played live, and the usual processing by loopers and delays.

by and large it's not a destination, and not any sort of achievement. i can't say right now whether this is confined to be an experiment in itself, or whether i'll feel like using this sort of backdrop to my playing again and again.

as an experiment, and a sunday one at that, it made sense to be shared with you, along with the background of motives that inspired it, and that led to producing it.

thank you for stopping by, thank you for reading these notes, and thank you for listening.

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