Profile description of t.w.zanetti:

Theodor W. Zanetti is publishing here a selection of own cuts from guitar loops, noise experiments and sonic pictures made with only guitar or bass, a few stomp-box effects, a shortwaves radio receiver and a cheap compact mixer.

Theodor has no taste for distortion, for using picks, for full-fledged chords, solos, strumming... anything that the knowledgeable guitarist proudly hones in his or her own toolbox, is what Theodor has forgotten long ago (and doesn't know where at, for what it matters).

Guitar, or bass, no matter of what variety Theodor chooses for a piece, becomes a purely incidental instrument for creating loops and drones with little (if any) evolving structure within. Same goes with voice, used for spoken word, hummed riffs or (sore) throat drones, but hardly for singing properly (or for singing proper lines).

As to the purpose of most pieces published here, in its composer's intention they shall ideally produce the very effect of a bunch of flowers on your living room, or kitchen, or what has it: they won't save your soul, nor fix you up for good, but may instead make things a bit more bearable, if you take the trouble to look at it now and then, and do a little maintenance on it, to make you company for a couple of days.

Often reported (and spontaneously, at that) by the most addicted listeners of t.w.z.'s tracks, they seem to encourage focusing on complex matters, and improve your capacity to concentrate on the task at hand, while providing a soft, cushioned background for your mental activities.

Some use these tracks while composing visual devices, some while editing texts and pictures, some sorting files and databases. One, or at least one who reported it, gets at t.w.z. for making it to the destination on car trips with a reduced stress and fatigue, and to fend off the aggressive driving habit in most of today's traffic.

Whatever the use you intend to do with these tracks, please consider the matter from all possible angles, and make yourself a favor, a big favor: unless you already have them, buy yourself the best heaphones you can afford, or the best loudspeakers your money can buy, as there's so much content layered within t.w.z. tracks, that the generic, utility-only, built-in speaker on your laptop computer won't reveal.

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