Profile description of theodor wilhelm zanetti:

i've been pulled to, and driven by, sound, and sounds, since i dare to remember.

though technically you'd call me a former sound engineer, and since a pair of decades at that, i've yet to off the switch in my head.

sound shapes my mood, my feelings, my heart rate, my life. it does the same to you, same as anyone, with only a difference, provided it amounts to something, in terms of awareness.

i've been playing and singing since i was nine, like no other place on earth was an harbour, my harbour. because of this, sound engineering became my job, my career, my obsession, eventually.

until i served musicians and music during my sound engineering career, i vowed myself to silence. only after i quitted miking and mixing, i started playing again. but from scratch, without tracing back my steps, without any memory of what i'd been playing twenty years before.

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