Profile description of theodor wilhelm zanetti:

i've been pulled to, and driven by, sound, and sounds, since i dare to remember.

i've had the privilege to have musical instruments within reach when i was looking for a way to speak out.

sound engineering got me purpose, and has been my trade and passionate craft for years.

though technically you'd call me a former sound engineer, and since a pair of decades at that, it's a fact i can't deny: i've yet to off the switch in my head.

it dates back to when, after a less than encouraging start in the recording studio, i specialized in concert sound with a keen focus on acoustic music, especially classic and jazz.

until i served musicians and music, i vowed myself to silence.
and when i quitted on miking and mixing, i started playing again.

but i took an unexpected turn, and behind a corner i have found a motive, a continuum, a lead, to link my passion with acoustic instruments, my unrestrained interest in understanding hearing, listening and the aural perception, to my unbridled curiousity toward soundscapes, be them either of the existing, natural variety, or of the abstract, fabricated one.

what i've collected here for your perusal are a few concoctions produced in my idle time, often as a way to lock my daily burdens out of my head, or otherwise made in preparation to some specific task, event, project, journey, or happening while thinking and organizing it out.

most of these tracks make for my daily soundtrack, played in track-repeat mode, mostly at low volume, for hours in a row, or days, in specific spaces, rooms, environments.

i find some of these tracks help me focus on road and traffic conditions when i'm driving, keeping alertness high, while being able to stick to whatever pace i think proper. at a certain point in time, i've put together tracks exactly for this purpose.

later, i've discovered that some of these were and are used by artists and creative people among my circle of peers when they get busy with activities that require them to engage with complex data analysis, long (non-audio) editing sessions, code-writing with programming languages.

so i've started to use some of my tracks myself, especially when i've got to climb the mountain in a day, be it the checking balance sheets of business companies, or the finessing and polishing of the investments and expenditures in a specific topic of a business plan.

i don't regard these tracks as anything even worth of being called music.
it's just this, simply: tracks to play, or tracks to listen to if you want, though you can actually play them without even actively listening to them (which is what i, and a few others, actually do with them, mostly).

it's almost entirely impromptu stuff, non-rehearsed material, improvised matter, sounds layered in a casual, undeterministic process, often at times when both my mind and my vision are at their weakest. to call this stochastic just adds some aura around it, as often do most exotic words applied to even the simplest things; in simple truth, there's hardly a principle behind many of them, they just happened.

i believe sound, music and soundscapes do affect our ways and days, inasmuch as a bunch of flowers in a vase do affect our way and day both at home and in the production environment. and i like to think that these tracks may play well there, unobtrusively, make these flowers some good company, and come in handy whenever we're trying to make the best of ourselves for the task at hand. or the ones around us.

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