This is my latest song. It represents closure
and emotions spent from nearly a decade with a woman I truly loved and always believed we would end up back together in time.
However, in light of certain situations, it would seem all bets are off. I guess in some ways it is a dedication of ardency.
Sad part is, just when I thought I was getting over her...the heartache came rushing back in.
It was very difficult emotionally to produce this song but there is irony to how the track was created.
After finding out about these events in my life, I felt compelled to write a song, as I usually use/write music to help me through troubling times.
At the same time, I was struck with such affliction that at times I could not write this song anymore.
(Tough when your only outlet is taken from you due to grief) However..
When I was able to take a step back,control my emotions and listen to what I had objectively, I felt it could use vocals to "fill out" the songs spectrum.
Coincidentally, I found the acapella of this song while searching for other acapellas in A minor and saw it was Katy Perry.
Yes, you saw right. I am not a Katy Perry fan,
but appreciate her talent as a vocalist. I had no knowledge of this song prior,never heard it once.
Surprisingly, it fit.
Getting enough courage to continue a few days ago I actually sat and listened to the lyrics and broke down from the correlation of my situation.
It was exactly how I was feeling.
I guess all in all the quote "Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony" well.. I guess I was meant to produce this reboot. And here it is

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