In November 2018 I presented the first set with a different style that I found worth exploring: PSY TRANCE.
As you might know, I'm kinda 'picky' in my selection of tracks.
Thus, it took quite long to find enough tracks that fit my intentions...
So make things short: I DARE you to listen to not just beats of the typical PSY TRANCE style (you either like the style, or hate it ;-)), but also TAKE TIME to listen to the mixture of sounds and lyrics.
Why? Because I think that PSY TRANCE is normally pretty straight forward, mostly to play on the dancefloor... But with this set I'm trying to make it a bit more interesting.

So if you like Psy Trance, "Feel The Power #2" probably will make you frown, smile, put your left eyebrow a bit higher and maybe even HEAR in the lyrical questions what my current state of mind is...

Note: Small warning, I didn't bleep out a specific word in one of the tracks. Because it fits the expression of the moment. ;-)

    • Type: DJ-Set
    • 138 bpm
    • Key: Dbm
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