Profile description of Vadym Sycantrhope:

Sycantrhope, the stage name of Vadym, a contemporary artist who has lived for almost two decades in Madrid, Spain.
Sycantrhope or Sycantrhope Project is the set of experimental music projects, each follows his line and different development, but always in the experimental branch.
It is a project born in early 2013 and as an official project, but has started his steps in that distant spring of 2009. And the origin of the name of the project dates back to 2004, which consists of a pun.
The project before becoming the multi-project has started with Sycantrhope as a single project and which Vadym begins to experience their sound crazy, from classic to the darkest and post-modern. electronic music, with classic touches, environmental, oscillating sounds, dark, oppressive, melancholic and very atmospheric melodies.
In 2013-14 creates a personal brand, a Net-Label label called Creepy Sound Production, which began publishing under his small works. At this time also he began to experiment with sounds Drone / Doom which a project called Dark Owl appears, also experimenting with Ambient Post-rock and that results in the project called Sycantrhophylia.
In 2014 he decides that all these projects have emerged recently and the initial, will become part of a widespread brand Sycantrhope Project, binding together at that time as Sycantrhope projects, Sycantrhophylia and Dark Owl. Also at this time, in late 2014 appears another project, called Coven, the last project is a kind of Dark Ambient / Noise, where he experimented with unusual sounds, inspired by artists like D.Lynch, D. Cronenberg, J. Cardiff , G. Miller, J. Verne among others.
In 2015, in part to take several jobs with these projects, valued and appreciated by many critics (whcih), Sycantrhope embarks on the adventure of the film, thanks to the initiative of Beatriz (Red Raven Production), late year the little filming Revenge of Il Sorriso arises.
In early 2016 sees the light the short film Revenge of Il Sorriso a brutally vindictive and played thriller, the short film completes the soundtrack with her new album Sycantrhope Revenge.
Revenge is a change in the musical structure, which in June of the same year a new project called Deadly Oak, a project of music Witch House, or rather, a hybrid of that style emerges.
2016, a good year, where Dark Coven series, which includes three albums of Dark Ambient, something different from what was to be at first appears. Sycantrhope new jobs and other projects also appear.
2016 marks the beginning of changes and possible Sycantrhope end of the first draft Sycantrhope Project, but opens the door to new projects, Enearth and Deadly Oak. Enearth, the draft Ambient Dark and Deadly Oak, as mentioned above, a more experimental hybrid Witch House.

    Atmospheric, Chill, Electro, Experimental, Beat
    • 160 bpm
    • Key: Bm
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