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Hosted by the DJ, Music Producer and Label A&R, Sybel Calmon.

We are back with an amaing selection of artists, tracks and record labels for the last couple of months.

Featuring the great artists remixers and record labels, in order of appearence:

01- Nord Pipes - B2 [Nord Pipes Romania]

02- CL-ljud & RazV - 2am [Uncle Tone Rec.]

03- Lazy Light - 279-4 [Little Helpers]

04- Fabe - No U-Turn [La Pena Rec.]

05- Arapu - Modular Jam [MTRZ]

06- Josh Holiday - Bistro Discotech [Osprey Underground]

07- Nu Zau - Baby Blue [DXL Rec.]

08- Sublee - Mimistake [MTRZ]

09- Arapu - Shuffle [MTRZ]

10- Unknown - 001A [Botanic Minds]

Thanks all the artists and record lables for the great job and for the super dooper tracks.

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Thank you and Enjoy!

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    • Key: Gm
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