Witchtape #72 | Guest Wizz : sunnyboy

That morning, the little witch woke up from the pleasant sound of the singing birds in her forest. With her eyes half-open and still feeling drowsy from a good night’s sleep, her heart suddenly skipped a beat from excitement when she realized it was the summer solstice today. She got up from her fern bed and nimbly climbed into the tallest tree of the forest, where she arrived just in time to witness the glorious midsummer sunrise while all the birds around her were singing their most beautiful song. All of a sudden she got in a flying mood which was quite strange as witches only fly once a month (which is on the full-moon day) while today it was a new moon. Anyway, she surrendered her deeper instincts and flew away into the unknown, just following her inner compass into South-Eastern direction. After a flight of several hours, she gently touched down near a crystal clear lake in the middle of a huge forest at the foot of a range of snow-capped mountains. To her surprise, she was welcomed by none less than 8 other witches. It was the largest gathering she had ever seen and she found out all the other women were coming from all over the globe, some of them as far as North Africa and Central Asia. The witches had some fun comparing their different colors of their skin, hair and eyes. The nice thing about the witches community is that all members are treated as equals, even the young girls of less than 150 years of age. The elders still remember the days that they were just confined to one corner of the world, but now they can get in touch with witches from all over the planet, and they can share their secret recipes and spells. The witches have become much stronger efficient in protecting mother earth since they started getting in touch with witches from faraway places.
After a while, it dawned on them that the little witch was the only one who was pregnant and of course the other women were curious about the father of the baby witch. When the petite girl told her sisters witch that the father was a 2m40 giant wizard from the African rainforest, there was an eruption of joy among the women. It was the very first time that witches were mixing blood with wizards from another continent and they all felt that this was the way to go… and they sensed the intermixing would make the community of witches stronger than ever, giving them even more hope they would one day be strong enough to make mother earth thrive again one day …

    Deep House
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • 120 bpm
    • Key: Bm
    • nowhere land, somewhere
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