Podcast number 15 comes from Kenneth Christiansen, who runs the echocord label and also the regular echocord label nights at our club.
Kenneth Christiansen’s interest in electronic music goes back to 1991, when he started dj’ing on a small scale. In 1996 he moved from the countryside of Denmark to Copenhagen and started working in a recordshop. As years went by the interest became even bigger and in 1999 he opened his own recordshop, Science Fiction. At the same time he organized parties such as Simplicity club, which became a huge success in the Copenhagen underground. For almost a year Kenneth and two of his friends managed to present great electronic music for a steadily increasing crowd of people.
In 2001 he decided to close the shop Science Fiction, for instead to work in another recordshop called Loud, where he worked untill 2004, responsible for the electonic music.
In 2002 Kenneth founded the recordlabel Echocord. So far he has released artists like Mikkel Metal, Fenin, Anders Ilar, Andreas Tilliander, Thomas Fehlmann, Substance, Vainqueur, Dub Tractor, Opiate, Dug Surgeon, Jan Jelinek, The Modernist and Michael Mayer. Echocord records is distributed via Kompakt in Cologne. In 2008 he started the sister label Echocord Colour.
In 1998 Kenneth also started to dj more and more. Stefan Betke aka Pole started to book Kenneth for “Scape showcases” in Europe at clubs such as “WMF” (Berlin), “Maria” (Berlin), “Nusonturm” (Frankfurt), “NBI” (Berlin), Sonar festival (Barcelona), Studie 672 (Cologne) and Spring Dance (Uttrecht).
In the end of 2004 he decided to quit working in the recordshop, and instead open up a new club called “Culture Box”. But CB is not only a club, its a venue where other organisers can make their own parties, showcases, visuals and other activities.
The club has been a huge success and artists such as John Tejada, Thomas Fehlmann, Superpitcher, Luciano, Isolée, Oliver Hacke, Daniel Meteo, Wighnomy Brothers, Barbara Morgenstern, Fenin, Carl Craig, Richie Hawtin,Chica Paula, Reinhard Voigt, Marcel Dettmann and many, many others have already visited the club.
At the moment Kenneth is, as the labelboss of Echocord, hosting showcases all over Europe with artists like Luke Hess, Mikkel Metal, Fluxion, Deadbeat and Onmutu Mechanicks on board.
Kenneth’s latest project is called Pattern Repeat. He is doing this with his friend Resoe who also runs the Baum label.

    • 121 bpm
    • Key: Gm
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