Profile description of Substance and Program:

Aircokenny Technokok and Tommy McKinley are 2 friends who found each other in the nightlife of Ghent and extended their friendship beyond the parties. The step towards producing was inevitable. Tommy McKinley’s musical background and technical knowledge combined with Airco Kenny’s fresh perspective was the perfect combination for creating booming tracks.

The studio felt like home, it became the birthplace of no-nonsense tracks and live acts that have caused much ear damage along the way. This duo implies their own significant sound and image, but most importantly they are just doing what they do best and love sharing it with the party people.

Aside from their own studio work they are also a helping hand and creative input to ‘Thrill Recordings’, a Belgian label that supports new innovating talents to enfold themselves and spread their music.

Perfection is for legal medication. ‘Substance And Program’ stand for imperfection!

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