Underground House Tune created by Roby Mannarini start the Stems Media project.
From the night people to the Club dance floor.

Stems Media is a digital label launched, idealized and founded in January 2016 by Dj & Producer Roby Mannarini.
Stems Media offers innovation, releasing of house music compositions that stimulate the public to new creative insights.
Is positioned in the market through connected all kind of people and artists which transmit emotions, musicality and grooves headed for the dance floors of all the world.
Stems Media constantly search Artists and talented singers to create and transmit new emotions through music.

Roby first venture into the club scene came at an early age where everything about the the scene fascinated him from the fresh banging sound of electronic beats to the enchanting light shows and beautiful people, he was officially on the night train.
Thanks to a friend of his, a then manager of a local radio station, Roby was able to spend all his free time with talented djs and musicians, which inevitably made him realize that his future would be solely in the music industry as a Dj and producer. By intensely observing these artists in their various skills he picked up the art of mixing vinyl.

From here on in the world was his oyster the vinyl his shell.

His first public appearance was at the age of 16 in a local club in Taranto (Borsalino Club) and from there he managed to secure a residency every Sunday afternoon, all this attention and unexpected success was a huge satisfaction and he was overwhelmed when a local radio radio station asked for him to work in collaboration with them.
Through this his connection with Italian radio will always remain a strong bond, which saw him share the decks with the ifamous DJ FLASH who won world champion DMC.

Later he organized the “DIABOLIKA” Party a very well know national network where he played with the likes of artists such as Gianluca Motta, Ricky Montanari, Alex Neri, Hector Romero, Joy Salinas, Stefano Secchi, Datura, Emanuele Inglese, FPI Project and many more well known artists in the Italian scene. He has even ventured down the road of Production which saw him do a remix for the Warner Bros, Virgin, Peace Bisquit, Paprika Records, Radikal records, Acid 80 and many others …

It creates the House Lovers Group, with which it produces various song with international visibility like “Reason”, thanks also to the support of MTV and some specialized journalistic headings. It currently manages a broadcast network composed by 50 FM Italy radio, it produces the chart SUBWAY HOT CHART from over two years, getting notable advertising return that bring to play in various European countries. Partner of the more famous Web Radio in Europe: - DFR - with which it produces some programs and live djset.

Having done production and remixing for over 20 labels such as Bdivision which Roby owns and manages, Bwg Records, Tooltrax, Musictracx Recordings, Poker Dust, Mu.Too Records, some of his major releases and remixes include, “House Lovers - Reason", the list goes on with over 400 releases.
From 2009 Roby Mannarini work as Labelmanager Italy for German Distribution Feiyr.com.
After some years of experience about management and music market in various kind of music genres, 2016 start with foundation of Stems Media Group, to produce new House songs in partnership with cool worldwide singers and musicians.
For this, new SMG studio recording was created using the best of analog and digital hardware and software products, like Universal Audio Apollo, Tannoy, Yamaha, M-Audio monitoring, State Digital, SSL, UA and Native Instruments library, Slate Media, Pro VLA II analog compressor, Apple computer, Machine Studio, Komplete Kontrol S, Roland Sonicell, Korg M50, Logic Pro and Ableton Live DAW.

First 2016 Production include important Featuring with Sheree Hicks.
Partnership with Dj David as Houseworx Family create fresh music using text and vocal by Sheree Hicks from his vocal pack distributed by Connect:D Audio
Houseworx Family Feat. Sheree Hicks - I Need To Know
Lyrics written by Andrea Sheree Hicks

Some important Vinyl Productions.

House Lovers feat. Vladimir Cetkar - Right Time (Lotus Records)
remixed by Push Revolution, Bruzzano & Capuano

House Lovers – Reason (Deep Den Records)
remixed by Roy & Groove Connective

House Lovers – Infinity (Vintage Records)
remixed by Paulo Rocha & Electro Blues

Peace Makers – Freedom Sax (Diamond Records)
remixed by Splashfunk

House Lovers – Acid Is (Black Noire)
remixed by Marco Rigamonti

Conte & Ferrarese – Summer Night (Tri Records)
remixed by House Lovers

Freak Do Brazil - Brazylian Rhyme (Paprika Records)
remixed by House Lovers

Conte & Ferrarese – Sexy Game (Promo)
remixed by Roby Mannarini

Funky Junction presents Oleg Wave - Strawberry Jam (Sheeva Records)
remixed by House Lovers

Lavagance - Miles (Paprika Records)
remixed by Supafunk

Arenna – Vem Pra Mim (Sheeva Records)
remixed by House Lovers

Tato Castillo – E' Terribile… (Deep Den Records)
remixed by House Lovers

Micky Guy - ? (Deep Den Records)
remixed by House Lovers

Jana - I'll Be With You (Radikal Records)
remixed by House Lovers

Vladimir Cetkar - Ocean Of Love (Paprika Records)
remixed by House Lovers

Black Shine - Molla (Vintage Records)
remixed by Supafunk

Conte & Ferrarese feat. Wendy Lewis - Mother Nature (Paprika Records)
remixed by House Lovers

Tiffany Affair - Over It (Warner Bros Records)
remixed by House Lovers

I Like It Electric - Pursue (Peace Bisquit Records)
remixed by House Lovers

Just 4 Djs Vol. 1 (Diamond Records)
incl. Peace Makers – Freedom Sax

House Station (Unistory Music)

Lounge Barcellona (One Tribal UK)
incl. Sergio Matina vs House Lovers – Hi Style

Electro House Family Vol. 2 (Acid 80)
incl. Supafunk – Game Over

Warehouse Family Vol. 1 (Unistory Music)
incl. Sergio Matina vs House Lovers - The Anthem

House Lovers & Sergio Matina – The Anthem (Guajira Recordings)

Roby Mannarini – House Music Lovers (Various Artists) (AVI)

Roby Mannarini – Urban Groove (Various Artists) (MBG International Records)

Roby Mannarini – Roller (Various Artists) (MBG International Records)

    Stems Media, Roby Mannarini, House, Music, Wanna Be
    • Version: Underground
    • Type: Original
    • Release Date: 04/28/2016 18:49
    • 126 bpm
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