Submit Digital / SD04

Release Date: 15-08-2014
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01 – Never Fall in Love 3:37 min [ preview: 60 sek ]
02 – Sheep Heads 4:36 min [ preview: 125 sek ]
03 – The Gift of Life 6:21 min [ preview: 120 sek ]
04 – Infected 6:50 min [ preview: 240 sek ]

Though born in 1979 in Silesia, Martin Kokott moved to Germany in 1984 with his
parents and two older brothers. His Fascination & Love for Music then grew quickly.
Being inspired by artists such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Depeche Mode, Talk
Talk and Duran Duran, he’s involving typical Elements of this Area in his Music.

Martin played the Guitar for 13 Years, playing and listening to Death Metal. By Time
Martin was fed up with the monotonic vibe of that kind of music and started trying
other genres for himself.

Taking a short Stopover in HipHop, he finally ended up in Electronix.

Keening On Sven Väth’s „Accident in Paradise“, he discovered a Radio Show in the
late 90’s which left an imprint on him. In „Raum und Zeit“ Klaus Fiehe presented a
colorful mixture of delicious tunes, always focussing on Electro.

Mathos’s priority is to get touched by the music so the genre is neglectable. Sadly
not many people share his opinion.

So now it’s Time for Mathos to leave his Traces on Submit Digital!

Classy Elements versus electronical complexity.

    • 132 bpm
    • Key: Em
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