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Hi! My name is Dmitry S. Bezruchko, I'm a composer and sound designer from Kiev, Ukraine.

Stalker VA is my project in the field of electronic and electroacoustic ambient music. I create soundscapes through synthesis and sound design, incorporating processed and transformed sound objects, field recordings, unconventional use of instruments. In my work I focus on sounds and timbres, their unique tonal characteristics, trying to discover something unusual in their nature, listen to them in new ways and contexts. I treat them as colours that I use to “paint” sonic textures and construct atmospheric narratives.

These musical ‘journeys’ often tend to resemble dreams, in which sleepers travel through worlds and landscapes, reconstructed from different memories and images, through unusual and strange space and time. I was always interested in the nature of mind and consciousness, various perceptual phenomena and I’m trying to explore them through sound experiences, through connection between sound and memories, sensations, cognition. Different archetypes, associated with consciousness (space, ocean, etc.) are also important sources of inspiration for my music.

Since childhood, I was fascinated by recording and collecting sounds in various environments - from natural to industrial. At the same time I was excited by timbral possibilities of electronic music. Later I started experimenting with sound processing and synthesis, since 2005 - began self-education in music theory, harmony, composition, sound design, psychoacoustics. Started composing my own music in 2007. Released a mini-album “Nostalgia” in 2011, later - in 2013 and 2014 - two EPs: “Emersion” and “Constellations”.

I have often worked with other musicians and artists, taken part in various audio-visual performances and interdisciplinary projects, and I'm open for further collaborations in music, sound art, poetry and visual art.

Also feel free to contact me if you want to use my music in your projects.
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