Profile description of STALE PUNCH:

Stale Punch is a PUNK ROCK TRIO with classic Rock and Thrash Metal influences from Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation.

In 2006 the band was formed by Sergey "Rev" Samoilov under the name Left Behind. Year later the band started performing in local clubs as the trio. In 2008 the band changed its name from Left Behind to Stale Punch and released the Drug Addled Wrecks EP. Half of the next year Stale Punch toured Saint Petersburg and Moscow local clubs and performed at the Bike Rock Open Air Festivals to support the EP.

In 2010 after a hiatus, caused by departure of the lead guitarist, Stale Punch returned to the road and the studio. In March 2010 the band released acoustic Rock & Roll single My Gun [Pointed at You].

In April 2012 Stale Punch released the self-titled Stale Punch EP with two new tracks. It was recorded and produced at legendary Sound Station Studios. From May 2012 Stale Punch toured Saint Petersburg local clubs and performed at Rock Festivals to support the self-titled EP.

In April 2013 another lead guitarist Andrey "Blues" Hrapko left the band. From that point on, the band started performing as a trio.

In June 2013 Stale Punch released new digital single Make Me Disappear. The song was recorded in St. Petersburg, Russia and mastered in Schaumburg, Illinois, USA. The song became a local hit and gained some popularity on Stale Punch's official SoundCloud page.

On the 7th January 2014, new digital EP Hellride was released. Two new tracks showed the change in the band's musical style - from Metal to more melodic and more commercial Pop Punk/Post-Grunge.

During 2014 the band started working with the new guitarist - Kiril "ESP" Rjabov. With his help the Mean Baby Blues single was recorded. The single was mastered by legendary Jack Endino.

In late 2015 the band recorded and released absolutely new digital single Systemize, which was released December 5th of the same year. The song is pretty heavy and returns fans back to the old school roots.

In summer 2016 the band's lead guitarist Kiril "ESP" Rjabov left the band.

After his departure, the band continued to play as a trio and recorded new digital single The Otherside, on which the drummer Eugene "Tooth" Podgorny performed a part of lead vocals.

But after the release of the single and some concerts in November 2016 the drummer himself left the band.

So far, the story continues!

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