Profile description of St.Paul on acid:

Analog acid Live & Dj set

St.Paul is back to the roots. St.Paul on acid (Live & Dj) is one of the St.Paul musical projects.

From 1988, St.Paul imports Acid in the French part of Switzerland. The so particular sound of TB-303 never leaves his mind and he therefore plays the most mythic ACIIIIID vinyls. Irreproachable technical abilities and ecstatical musical choice lead the public in unknown areas.

He also creates his own ACIIIIID sound. His devil live acts are created with oldschool analog machines.

Aliases: Mood Ticket (Live & Dj), St.Paul (Dj), Genetic Dysfunction (Live improvisation), Digital Pirates (Live)

    Acid, Acid Techno, Acid-House, Acid Trance, slowmo acid, Acid
    • Type: Original
    • Release Date: 04/15/2018 17:18
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    • Nendaz, Suisse
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