The Terminal & Vavaculo Show on TTM Radio

Podcast 21

Guest: Splinter Cell from Australia


Splinter Cell – Intro
The Clamps – Anxiety [KARNAGE]
Splinter Cell – Charlie Don't Surf VIP
Triamer & Nagato – Symphony Of Horror [HERESY]
Gancher & Ruin – Fugea 2012 [POSITION CHROME]
The Clamps – Doubts [KARNAGE]
Splinter Cell – Mechanical Mindz [dub]
Sinister Souls & Triamer & Nagato – Technical Difficulties [PRSPCT]
I:Gor – Game Tight [HERESY]
N-Vitral – The Evil Earth [THE THIRD MOVEMENT]
Gancher & Ruin – Glitch [TAINTED AUDIO]
Splinter Cell – Killer [KARNAGE]
District7 – War Is Coming [MACHINECORE]
Tugie – Fear Control [KARNAGE]
I:Gor – L.I.O.N. [HERESY]
Dimnet – Retribution [BATTLE AUDIO]
Hallucinator & Isacco Pattini – Raise Your Middle Finger [YELLOW STRIPE]
Splinter Cell – Scared Of Life [dub]
Kader & Ivor – Mutations [dub]
Freqax – Fuck You Back To The Stone Age (Tatlum Remix)
Crawler – Ari's Chains [INSANE EVENTS]
Sinister Souls & Ruffneck – Executioner [PRSPCT]
Synapse & Sei2ure – Politics [TAINTED AUDIO]
Splinter Cell – Lawless Viperpit [dub]
Tugie – Begotten Wrath [KARNAGE]
Igneon System – Underground Splitter [HERESY]
Bong-Ra vs Goetia – Sickness Of The Underground [PRSPCT RVLT]
Lenny Dee – Fucking Hostile (The Outside Agency Remix) [INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH]
District7 – U.C.C. [INQUISITION]
Andy The Core – Raw Is War [FOOTWORXX]
Art Of Fighters – Fuck You! (Detest Walk With Me In Hell Remix edit) [TRAXTORM]


Name: Splinter Cell
Hometown: Adelaide, Australia
Currently reside in: Adelaide, Australia
Genre: Hardcore/Crossbreed/Industrial Hardcore and anything else that sounds good ;-)
Soundcloud: Splinter Cell
Twitter: @SplinterCellHC

Was first introduced to the Hardcore sound sometime around late '92 - 'early '93.
In '04 played my first DJ set, always preferring the harder, darker sounds. Shit with huge kicks/basslines that grabs you by the throat and smacks you in the chest.

Not really one for heroes, but very much inspired by artists who push boundaries, forward thinkers and innovators who are not afraid to take risks. People who set new benchmarks, people who bring something new to the table, artists who are able to shift ideas and schools of thought from the straight and narrow to places thought unconceivable.

Splinter Cell's influences and inspirations are a continually evolving dynamic, and can best be reflected in the skills of the artists whose tracks I play in my sets. The fact that they are in the set means they have resonated strongly in some kind of way to me.

For the last 10 years have been playing regularly in Adelaide and around Australia at various hardcore events.

Currently host a weekly show on Adelaide's 24/7 dance music station, Fresh92.7, called Heavy Artillery on Friday nights, the only show of it's kind representing Hardcore in it's myriad of styles.

After a near fatal truck accident in 2011, decided it was time to set up a studio and started learning the fundamentals of production, and how to produce Hardcore.

After 3 years, Splinter Cell's track, “Killer”, released on the Karnage 10 “Never Give Up” EP, alongside The Clamps, Igneon System and District7.
The release is on 12” and digital formats on Karnage Records, with “Killer” reaching No.1 on HardTunes, and staying in the top spot for nearly 2 weeks.
Something I never expected, but am extremely proud of!

Currently working on a new EP for Karnage Records, and in the process of organising some European sets in the not too distant future.

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