Spindeldürr/Punkadelique (Mario Schwedek)
start a new punkadelique album called joanna
start 21.02.2017 produced by the only one and one mario schwedek
not the fake andreas krüger or the fake mario and luigi thats the gebrüder teichmann, not the rafael gomez alias fake mario schwedek thats fuckers rubbers and steeling my hdd from my studio behind my back these bastards are blenders
and i did not know them they doing same same with cosma shiva hagen did not know her norbert reiter from perseption and dj magical from hamburg tobi tamahuka jeffrey baumann annette vasques jürgen jung alias jj and rob alias rob g they are from the goa szene goa nazis, otay mendu, andi casper from spandau karsten from aue he isnt spindeldürr, torsten subottke alias bottich finn from schleswig and stolte he isnt klein störtebecker he is a sucker bastard they all fucking childs everywhere in my name and fuck womens did not want in my name all behind my back and steel my money from my labels and doing false contracts with false signs take care of the n joy and stay tuned
mario schwedek alias punkadelique and spin


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