DJ Competition Mix for Fractal vs Industrialize - 19th May in Leeds

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Short Bio:
Mid 2015 „at the tender age“ of 40 years I was thinking of what I feel like doing in life. Every time when I look back to recall the good memories, feelings and what gave me pleasure, the answer was: music! ;)

So what?! You only life once!
And I started DJing at the age of 40 years, after 20 years of partying.

My style: Industrial Hardcore, Darkcore, Crossbreed'ish / Breakcore'ish and other sick weird & hard stuff.
The weirder the better!
Main bpm usually 180-220

Recorded with: PIONEER XDJ-RX

Reduced usual bpm (170-180) for Industrial and 1st slot pleassure ;)

2 NIXEN - The Ultimate Seduction
3 RAIN - Men With Guns
4 Deka - The Damned Theory
5 Rude Awakening - R_Aw Skillz
6 Peaky Pounder - Viisi
7 [crisis] - Evil
8 Biomek / Demanufacturer - Behemoth
9 Synaptic Memories & Sacerdos Vigilia - Possessed by Distortion
10 Carnage & Cluster - We Are The Elite
11 Embrionyc - When The Hate Starts To Change The World

    Industrial, Hardcore, Industrial Hardcore
    • 170 bpm
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