A warm welcome to our Fort..[#43] installment of SPACE VIEWX as on this Chapter we have one of the 'beings we consider the best,United Kingdom's(Lithuania)very own,Dubonautik!

We are eternally grateful to have you on the SPACE Sir,from blessing us with your time and hospitality to mounting this indignant compilation for us.

Buckle up! Join us as we're about to VIEW the SPACE with Dubonautik handling matters!

Caution : As a safety measure/precaution,helmet your skull for some space & science treat!

Lend us your sense,bothered thoughts,twirled perspectives,allow us to erect who we are,convey,console your bothered thoughts to resound and reverberate your twirled perspectives through a Space Trip where we'll meditate,blend who we are with your sense , clutch,mount and assemble the resounds and reverbs through the cerebral,nourish your sense! Allow us..!! Lend us...!! We are Dub Techno.We Are SPACE VIEWX!

About Dubonautik (United Kingdom):

Dubonautik is a concept. A supernatural micro being. It is a very small

part of an entire "task force" of subconscious mind. It is responsible for

filtering incoming frequencies/vibrations. Those "clean" frequencies are

aligned with the rest already stored "clean" vibrations block after block,

while those "dirty" ones are moved for recycling...

It is a very important task to do. Frequencies are vibrations and

vibrations are universe. And you are a part of that universe. Inside and

outside. Once your inside is reverberating good ("clean") energy, only

then you can transport it to the outside world and let it flow into the rest

of the universe.

Your subconscious is true you. Your "inner I". While your conscious mind

does one thing, the subconscious has its own tasks to do. Nevertheless

"just as your conscious mind can be thought of as the gardener, planting

seeds, your subconscious mind can be thought of as the garden, or

fertile soil, in which the seeds germinate and grow". Dubonautik is this

little helper of that particular department. The department of incoming

frequencies. It helps you plant those "clean" vibrations so that your

entire "machine" functions in complete harmony most (hopefully) of the


So Dubonautik music represents self-stages of that hard work within

subconscious mind. Where it has one like the self within itself. And one

within that one. And another one. And so on, and so on...

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