Greetings & Salutations!

A warm welcome to our sixteenth [#16] installment of SPACE VIEWX, as on this sixteenth Chapter we have Ukraine's [Odessa] very own,who needs no introduction,Methodub!!

Buckle up! Join us as we're about to VIEW the SPACE with Methodub handling matters!

Caution : As a safety measure/precaution,helmet your skull for some space & science treat!!

Lend us your sense,bothered thoughts,twirled perspectives,allow us to erect who we are ,convey,console your bothered thoughts to resound and reverberate your twirled perspectives through a Space Trip where we'll meditate,blend who we are with your sense , clutch,mount and assemble the resounds and reverbs through the cerebral,nourish your sense! Allow us..!! Lend us...!! We are Dub Techno.We Are SPACE VIEWX!

About Methodub[Odessa,Ukraine] :

George Vasiliadi (George Greek) a.k.a Methodub - electronic musician, sound designer and remixer from Odessa (Ukraine).
He works in various genres: from dub and ambient techno to a deep electronica and progressive house.
In his production, he adheres to a deep atmospheric sound with lots of textures.
He considers himself more like a sound designer writing music than a musician creating sound design.
Methodub is an artist of labels such as Incepto Music, Lincor, Microbios Records, COOD, Dog & Man, Inmost etc.
He is also one of the sound designers of the sample label Aequor Sound.

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    Dub Techno
    • 120 bpm
    • Key: Gm
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