***Greetings Visionaries

A Brand new long awaited episode is upon us! How are you rooting?

Without any further ado, I present to you Sow thy Soul #008. This latest podcast is solely based on you're vision. I'd like to enforce and incite you're vision right now. Just like the plant that sprout through a concrete pavement! Do I have you're attention?

How invested are you in you're vision?

Well... Think of it this way. The concrete is you're challenge, you are the plant & you're shadow is the vision.

'If you plant something in the concrete & if it grows with rose petals with all kinds of marks and scratches, no one will say, 'look at the marks & scratches on that rose that grew from the concrete...' You are going to be like, ' Damn, a rose grew from the concrete?' - Tupac Shakur

We are never fully aware of our potential until we face challenges head on.

Go on and crack through every resistance and keep you're eyes rooted on the growth.

Discover you're potential crack and seed through to shadow a vision, not only a pavement can stop.

Small Plants = Big Concrete Problems
You > Any Challenge

  • Sow thy Soul

Photo courtesy of: Prapat Aowsakorn

Little green plant growing through crack of pavement with sunlight and long shadow of fully grown tree on surface of brick wall background, creates an idea of life being a struggle through hopeful ambitions sustained by vision.

Note... Music played here, is only for promotional purposes!


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    • 117 bpm
    • Key: Gm
    • Middelburg, South Africa
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