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    MIX27 Mono Mountain by Soundwiese
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Welcome to my "Soundwiese", a deep mix series from Cologne on Domrauschen.com by Markus Wilwerscheid since 1992. Talk Less. Listen More. Mixing Music. It keeps spinning:

Artist: Soundwiese (Markus Wilwerscheid)
Title: Mono Mountain
Podcast: MOSHItaka
Style: Electronica, Dub Techno, Deep Minimal House
Time: 80 Minutes
Date: SEP 2014

MIX27 Mono Mountain
01 0:00:00 Aepiel, Aves
02 0:08:30 Sub Made, City Cuts (Rainer Liest Remix)
03 0:13:55 Killahertz, Pack of Milds
04 0:19:20 Sven Laux, Finding Our Way Back
05 0:25:30 Martin Nonstatic, Moon Arrival (Zzzzra Lazy Reshape)
06 0:30:20 Cio D'Or, Ur (Salz Remix)
07 0:36:15 Son.sine, Upekah
08 0:43:25 Tremsch & Metzler, 20 Toes (Salz Remix)
09 0:50:30 Nick Sole, Children
10 0:57:00 Martin Schulte, Same Days
11 1:01:00 Freund Der Familie, Symbian (Delve Remix)
12 1:06:00 Moti Brothers, The Beginning (Nikosf. Remix)
13 1:13:00 Doyeq, Soft Signal


I am especially excited about the Label Podcast by MOSHItaka (Illinois, USA), since the vinyl-releases such as Doyeq, Nikosf, Anton Kubikov or Audub totally fit my musical taste. I created this 80min podcast-mix: a mix of styles from electronica to deep house and, of course, many elements from the dub techno genre typical for the label. Filled with melodic chord-sounds and techno; a deep and rounded sound, just like the the Head of Label Gavin aka “Himoshi Takanawa” likes it; and the “Soundwiese” as well. Enjoy the trip!


    0:00   Aepiel - Aves
    8:30   Sub Made - City Cuts (Rainer Liest Remix)
    13:55   Killahertz - Pack of Milds
    19:20   Sven Laux, - Finding Our Way Back
    25:30   Martin Nonstatic - Moon Arrival (Zzzzra Lazy Reshape)
    30:20   Cio D'Or - Cio D'Or, Ur (Salz Remix)
    36:15   Son.sine - Upekah
    43:25   Tremsch & Metzler - 20 Toes (Salz Remix)
    50:30   Nick Sole - Children
    57:00   Martin Schulte - Same Days
    1:01:00   Freund Der Familie - Symbian (Delve Remix)
    1:06:00   Moti Brothers - The Beginning (Nikosf. Remix)
    1:13:00   Doyeq - Soft Signal

    Domrauschen, Soundwiese, Deepmix, Podcast, Club, Cologne, Köln, MOSHItaka
    • Version: SOWIE MIX27
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • Release Date: 2014-09-22
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