I've recently found some rough mixes of a few of the tracks I did for the Tauchsieder 'Louder' album (still currently languishing in obscurity and available online for next to nothing if you have a look around) back in 2006. I do wonder sometimes if the album would have had a better reception if released today, rather than nearly a decade ago. Hmm. Oh well, too late now...

This one is named after my local television relay transmitter, which has been throwing UHF signals into the area since 1963. A permanent presence in my life, and I often drive up the mountain it stands on for a closer look. Sadly, you can't really get as near to it now as you could when I was a kid. Keen eared listeners might just notice some of the 1992 Classic FM test transmissions buried in the mix... The rhythm track is way too loud. Yes, I know. I can't do anything about that now.

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