Task at hand: Writing something - anything - using my new studio monitors. Inspiration came from nature documentaries and pictures from the game "Book of Travels".
Solutions: The first thing I did was to make a template in Cubase for orchestral pieces, something I have wanted to do for a long time. When I was done with this, it was lunchtime, but I just had to compose something before taking my lunch. The first step of composing this piece was to choose the title "Walk with me". The first part of the piece started with me writing the bottle-harmonies (audible in the second part of the first part). The second part is built around the melody. Now it's 8:45 and time to round up for today.
Learnings: I wanted the piece to be fairly simple, but it still borders on the epic. Also, I don't feel anything... music should evoke emotions, and I think I failed here. But sometimes you just have to write, to keep your composing-muscles fit enough.

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