Task at hand: Composing music for a film scene with people running from danger. The film producer gave me "Septimus" from Stardust as inspirational music (see below). The piece starts with a character running to warn another character of a danger, and then the two of them running together.
Solution: I listened to Septimus on repeat while doing daily tasks, probably for hours. Then I analyzed what elements that I could use to create a similar feeling, and chose to keep the seven beats per bar, marking each beat in the music and using percussion extensively. I had composed leitmotifs for the two characters, and based the melodies and motifs on them.
Learnings: It was good to study the inspirational piece so thoroughly. I also concluded that I had to study percussion better.

Link to the film: youtube.com/watch?v=1_BKvBIULuc
Link to "How to train your dragon Score: Forbidden friendship": youtube.com/watch?v=GVjC0GZjsOo

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