Task at hand: Composing game music for a Game Jam game, a short two-person game where you play either a mouse or a cat chasing the mouse.
Solution: I wanted to create a peppy game tune. I borrowed some of the baseline from a traditional Shetland tune (see link below). The melody is simple as it's purely chromatic, which also gives it a bit of a circus feeling. I tried a few tempos, ending up at 132 bpm in the end. To make it easier to implement in the game, I took extra care to make the audio file a seamless loop.
Learnings: Game jams forces you to JUST DELIVER, and not to ponder on anything. Also, after this game jam I learned Fmod Studio better, and while seamless loops are great, they are not necessary. When in "just deliver" mode, a file that loops with the help of Fmod Studio does the work a lot better. Also, before this, I didn't know I could produce such overly peppy music...

The game was called MouseGetHome(); and was created during the Global Gam Jam of January 25-27 2019, in Skövde.
Link to downloadable version of the game: globalgamejam.org/2019/games/c...berrys-get-home
Link to a recording of the traditional Shetland tune: youtube.com/watch?v=vEdVEvJaPQI

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