☆ FAT FRUMOS, @fat-frumos. Suck Puck Records, Odessa, Ukraine.

Lock in for an hour long orgasm of rave. Fat Frumos, who runs Suck Puck Records in Ukraine (@suckpuck) drops a slamming mix of his own releases, stuff from the label and a few juicy yet-to-be-released tunes and tunes not on label but from his friends. The mix is a taste of previous and future live sets. Pure mayhem!

Catch him at BOOMTOWN on Thursday 8th August, on the Broken Core stage along with label crew mates @pzg and @doc_pzdc. Also he just got a 6 month Visa, so if you want to book him, get on it now bro.

Head over to the record label on Bandcamp;


Pzg & Dubsknit - So Hot 165
AleX Tune - The Right Tune (2000)
667 crew - base in your face
Prid Prod - я кайфую
Pzg & Dubsknit - TITLE
AleX Tune - Saturday 1991-99 (PZG Remix)
Simi - Fajny Pan Jacek
[P-R-Z] - Bitcrusher Moon (Simi Remix)
Headkick - Out With The New
Fat Frumos - Romano dancecore
FED. - way you feel
goreshit - kielbasastupnya
Stereo Nuttah - Tinted Car
Algorithmic - Nuh Eulogy
Long Shlong Silva - Pay Yo Billz
Fat Frumos - Civilization
VANDVL - Break Your Fkn'GoavnoTrance
Fat Frumos - need afterparty (ft. Prid Prod)
Fat Frumos - no donk limits
Fat Frumos - Chughie v google tebya iskali
Fat Frumos - Dnester Aligator [vs Bob the builder!]
Pzg - BONUSTRACK from "are we there yet?!" CD
E-Coli & General Waste - Hungarian Dance
SHITLIP - Spoonfuls of spleenberry
Spongebob Squarewave - Shay It Besht
Ace of Base - All that She Wants (DistoNN remix)
Dolphynboy - Clowncore
Fat Frumos - DINNER TIME
Fat Frumos - IloveODESSAdances
Simi - Darkness In My Heart
96-glass - Ravecore Monster
Mekuso - Komercha

    • 94 bpm
    • Key: Abm
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