Althought this isn't the exact set from MOH, this is a combination of 2 sets that |I played in Holland this night.

Convict in Drachten & closing MOH.

    Smurf feat Tom Wilson - The Greatest Entertainers On Earth [GGM Raw]
    Rotton - The Crowd Makes The Noise [Power v Power]
    Mutante - We Are All Controlled [Cosmic Baby]
    H-Rock - The Crunkcore Anthem [Teen Suicide]
    DJ TSX - Fuck Da Shit [Out Of Control]
    Stickhead - Dive Into Steel (2006 mix) [Kotzaak]
    Middle M - Camille [Coretzone]
    Radium - D Not Fuck With Us [Neurotoxic]
    Rob Gee - Pollywaggachuggabonka [ADAM Worldwide]
    Angerfist - Fuck The Promqueen [Masters Of Hardcore]
    SRB - Bodybag [This Is Terror]
    The Speedrfeak - Make Em Die Slowly [Psychik Genocide]
    Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff (Acapella) [Interscope]
    Detest - Oxygenocide [Strike]
    Roms - Marble Madness Sadness [Disconjected]
    Mutante - Funk Get Drunk [Cosmic Baby]
    Micron - Posession [Cerebal Destruction]
    Irezumi - Oni Hime [Corrupt]
    Dr Drake Ramoray - 555 [Le Diable Au Core]
    Animal Intelligence - Samuri (remix) [Subvert]
    Stormtrooper - Megara [Deathchant]
    Doormouse - Keishaka Kore [Addict SS]
    Smurf - Gusset Typist [GGM RAW]
    R.Shock - Technotronic [Terror Noize Industry]
    Sonic Overkill - A1 [Speedcore]
    The Black Eyed Peas - My Humps (Acapealla) [Interscope]
    DJ Smurf - Exposure King [GGM RAW]

    Hardcore, terror, speedcore
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