I have no idea what this is, I found it on the internet.

This is from Wikipedia:
Released: 13 October 1997
Label: Echo Beach
Catalogue number: EBSC8/EB814
Presumed to be a bootleg release but was sold for a limited time through normal retail channels.

And these comments are from Discogs:
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September 13, 2020
I've got a receipt from Spillers Records in Cardiff for this bootleg..

April 30, 2018
I found this in a record store in N. Wales back in '97
They didn't know who the band was, I overheard the staff arguing about it,
So I stepped in and said it's the KLF
So the boss of the store gave me a discount and charged me £3 for the CD
for naming the band
If only he knew how rare this item is
I fell off my chair when I found out how rare and how much
this is worth

July 20, 2017
It's a bootleg. Always been a bootleg. Forever a bootleg. "Waiting" track is simply a rip of the stereo soundtrack to the "Waiting" KLF Video. Never saw any release on KLF Communications except on that video casette KLF VT007. Excellent job on the production of "Rights of Mu" track by DJ Echo... and that fine production does make it a really fantastic bootleg, but still a bootleg nevertheless. Not an official release and never was. There are some home made Cdrs which have been listed as "Unofficial promo releases" from 1990, but they didn't appear until twenty odd years later... go figure. I would suggest never paying for a cdr with some marker pen on it. You could make yourself a better one with a "Free Youtube Downloader" and a Sharpie Pen.

October 26, 2016
I bought this is in Virgin Megastore Oxford Street. Let me tell you there were... a few copies on the shelves. Hindsight is valuable, just remember to wear a hood as the eyes in the back of your head can freak people out.

May 7, 2016
This should maybe be cataloged in the bootlegs section as it's not a official release

May 22, 2014
What a great and very rare album by one of the best dance duo's to bless our ears. I happened to go on ebay one day and some IDIOT was sell in' it for buy now for £3.00(he obviously didn't know how rare it was). Both of these epic track's are amazing. Waiting is like a fourty minute version of What Time Is Love's Virtual Reality mix, but the killer track is The Rites Of Mu. This brilliant ambient masterpiece with Charlie Sheen narrating a story(soundin' like Apocalypse Now)about a voyage goin' to a rave on The Lost Continent Of Mu is mindblowin'. If your lucky enough to get a copy of this, roll a herbal jazz cigarette stick your headphones on full wack and enjoy.

March 29, 2011
Only 3333 were originally pressed but The KLF did not authorise the release and thus any remaining unsold copies were WITHDRAWN making it even rarer.

1 Waiting 42:39
2 The Rites Of Mu 29:24


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    Field Recording / Sound Art
    • Type: Bootleg
    • York, United Kingdom
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