Profile description of Simon Heartfield:

Musician, producer/remixer, DJ and video maker who has released on Bite Back!, On Test, Hackpen, Mixtape, Techment, Dust Up Records, Wolftrap, DECA Rhythm, Low Noise Productions and many others

    PARIAH - Drug The Lake
    YULIPPE - Shima
    STEPHANIE MERCHAK - Graue Wolken
    CUB - Seeing From Above
    SCANNT - Fragmented
    SIMON HEARTFIELD - Task Number One
    SURGEON - The Etheric Body
    JOSSELIN - Newks
    PYE CORNER AUDIO - Ganzfeld Effect
    PLANT 43 - Sea of Stardust
    CLINT HOUSE - Freezing Rain
    INSOLATE - Fallin Apart
    OBJECT BLUE - Cordelia’s Call To Arms
    KILLAWATT - The Roamer
    SIMON HEARTFIELD - Breda Variant
    EOMAC - Earth and Sky
    SECOND STOREY - Moesha Moved To Margate (Radioactive Man Mix)
    RODHAD - Withheld Walk
    MIDLAND - Bring Joy
    MECHANIC SLAVE - Deep Business (Sejon Remix v2)
    OLEKA - Korova Milk Bar
    POSTHUMAN - Belapharion
    SPECIAL REQUEST - Catacombs
    OLIVIA - Pointless Geometry
    IMPULSE ARRAY - Crashdown
    SHAWN RUDIMAN - Kalashnikov
    EXALTICS - 00044_0015 In Zusammenarbeit_mit Rudolf Klorzeiger
    SPECIAL REQUEST - Make It Real
    REGIS - Fragment
    SPECIAL REQUEST - Make It Real
    SISTAL - Olo

    • 130 bpm
    • Key: Bbm
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